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Top 3 Yoga Benefits

Yoga is not just about mastering downward dog and wearing tight Lululemon gear. Yoga benefits go far beyond anything I’ve ever imagined.

Besides improving flexibility and strength, yoga is medicine for the soul.

During yoga, we are present.

We are encouraged to connect with our body and be aware.

As people integrate yoga and meditation into their daily life, they often stop searching outward for satisfaction.

When we deepen our practice, we radiate beautiful energy to the outside world.

And when we are fulfilled, we attract more great things into our life.

On the other hand, when we feel unhappy and disappointed (vibrating at a low energetic frequency), it’s hard to attract anything positive.

Yoga benefits go beyond just increasing flexibility.

Top 3 Benefits of Yoga


In our modern, fast-paced world, we are ultra-connected and at the same time, ultra-disconnected.

Sure we can easily stay in touch via text or social media, but we don’t engage in deep, meaningful conversations through modern communication techniques.

In yoga, we learn to slow down, breathe, and connect.

By connecting with ourselves, we connect better with others.


Yoga is a very non-judgmental, loving, and nurturing practice.

If we’re exhausted, feeling drained, or depleted, how can we possibly give to others?

To be a good parent, a good worker, and a good partner, we need to give to ourselves first and yoga is an excellent way to fill our own cup.


Yoga is like guided meditation.

It helps us let go of the past and focus on the present. It helps us feel lighter, calmer, and clearer.

Releasing toxicity from our past will help clear out the old and make space for the new.

Happy Practicing!


Dr. Sara Celik
Dr. Sara Celik is a Canadian licensed Naturopathic Doctor with 15+ years of experience serving patients in Ontario. She is a sought-after speaker and passionate leader in the Health & Wellness industry carrying a wealth of experience in the field of women's health and fertility.

Dr. Sara has appeared on multiple radio shows/podcasts, the W Network, Breakfast Television and CP24. For almost 5 years, she worked as the National Spokesperson for a well-known digestive wellness brand, educating across the globe on gut health. Dr. Sara has been named a rising star in Canada receiving the Generation Next award for her outstanding contribution to shaping the future of Canada’s grocery industry. She frequently contributes to large publications and has been published in Best Health Magazine, The Globe and Mail, Sweat Equity, Grocery Business, Inside Fitness, Canadian Living, Elevate, HELLO, and ELLE Canada.

Dr. Sara’s approach to healthcare is not as easy as taking a pill. The “quick-fix” approach is not one she subscribes to. While there’s a pill for just about everything, rarely do prescription drugs stop the course of disease - they merely mask symptoms. Dr. Sara believes true health requires a commitment from both the doctor and the patient.


  • Sam Li

    I like what you said about yoga helping us let go of the past and focus on the present. Yoga classes offer spiritual benefits in addition to the obvious physical ones. My fiancee and I want to join a yoga class, so we’ll do some research to find the best option for us.

  • Dr.Sara Celik

    That’s so great to hear Sam! Keep me updated and let me know how it goes.

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