Seed Cycling

Unlock The Benefits of Seed Cycling for Fertility

Are you trying to conceive, but worried about the length or irregularity of your menstrual cycles?

If your cycle is short (less than 24 days) or a little too long (more than 35 days), look no further.

Let me introduce you to Seed Cycling. Naturopathic Doctors often recommend Seed Cycling for women who are trying to get pregnant. And it’s so simple!

Just incorporate different seeds into the daily diet based on where you are in your cycle.

Here’s how to get started with Seed Cycling:

Identify the two phases of your cycle.

The first phase is the Follicular Phase (menses to ovulation).

The second phase is the Luteal Phase (ovulation to menses).

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During the first phase of your cycle (Day 1 of menses to ovulation):

Consume 1 tablespoon of freshly ground flax seeds and 1 tablespoon of freshly ground pumpkin seeds daily. Whole organic seeds are best.

In the second phase of your cycle (ovulation to menses):

Switch to 1 tablespoon of freshly ground sunflower seeds and 1 tablespoon of freshly ground sesame seeds daily.

Seed Cycling with supplements is also an option. You can find Flaxseed Oil Capsules and Evening Primrose Oil Capsules at your local health food store or online.

Flaxseed Oil Capsules are used in the first phase (menses to ovulation). Flaxseed oil capsules replace freshly ground flaxseeds.

Evening Primrose Oil Capsules are used in the second phase (ovulation to menses). Evening Primrose Oil Capsules are used in place of sunflower seeds and sesame seeds.

If your cycle is irregular and you are not sure when you are ovulating, here’s what’s suggested:

Download a Lunar Moon Calendar online, like the one found here and follow Seed Cycling with the Lunar Moon Phases. I know this sounds woo woo, but historically, women menstruated and ovulated with the Moon Phases.

  • New moon to full moon, consume ground pumpkin seeds and ground flax seeds.
  • Full moon to new moon, consume ground sunflower seeds and ground sesame seeds.

By incorporating these seeds or supplements into your daily routine, you can experience benefits like:

  • healthier hormone levels
  • reduced PMS symptoms
  • ‘improved menstrual health
  • enhanced fertility
  • regulated menstrual cycles

Plus, Seed Cycling gives a boost of dietary fiber, healthy fats, vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants.

To make the most out of Seed Cycling, remember to buy fresh whole seeds, grind them daily, and store them in an airtight container in the freezer or refrigerator.

You can easily add them to your favourite dishes like smoothies, dips (e.g. hummus), yogurt, or salad dressing.

Be sure to stick with Seed Cycling for at least 3-4 months and document all changes in a journal.

It can take time to notice changes to your cycle, but it’s well worth it.

**Check with your practitioner before making any changes to your diet or supplements.

Dr. Sara Celik
Dr. Sara Celik is a Canadian licensed Naturopathic Doctor with 15+ years of experience serving patients in Ontario. She is a sought-after speaker and passionate leader in the Health & Wellness industry carrying a wealth of experience in the field of women's health and fertility.

Dr. Sara has appeared on multiple radio shows/podcasts, the W Network, Breakfast Television and CP24. For almost 5 years, she worked as the National Spokesperson for a well-known digestive wellness brand, educating across the globe on gut health. Dr. Sara has been named a rising star in Canada receiving the Generation Next award for her outstanding contribution to shaping the future of Canada’s grocery industry. She frequently contributes to large publications and has been published in Best Health Magazine, The Globe and Mail, Sweat Equity, Grocery Business, Inside Fitness, Canadian Living, Elevate, HELLO, and ELLE Canada.

Dr. Sara’s approach to healthcare is not as easy as taking a pill. The “quick-fix” approach is not one she subscribes to. While there’s a pill for just about everything, rarely do prescription drugs stop the course of disease - they merely mask symptoms. Dr. Sara believes true health requires a commitment from both the doctor and the patient.

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