You may know me on social media as the Naturopathic Doctor @drsaradetox

But ‘detox’ is not my last name. Detox is just part of my story.

For years I struggled with digestive issues, acne and eczema …Naturopathic Doctor in Toronto

After endless prescriptions from doctors that merely attempted to mask symptoms, at the young age of 22, I decided to seek the help of a Naturopathic Doctor.

My Naturopathic Doctor told me that my skin and poor digestion wouldn’t clear up until I did a detox.

A what!?

Apparently living off diet pop and sugary carbs in my post-grad days was a bad idea. 

I had no idea what a detox would involve … but I was willing to try anything.

The detox plan involved taking herbs, supplements, and changing my diet. Almost immediately after starting the program, I noticed huge improvements in both my skin and digestion. 

For the first time in my life, I understood the power of Naturopathic Medicine.

Naturopathic Medicine was a gift to me and now, I get to share this gift with others.

After 8 long years of university…

I graduated as a Doctor of Naturopathic Medicine and began teaching others about the power of nutrition, herbal medicine, mindfulness, supplements, and living a clean lifestyle.

In the last 15 years, I have helped thousands of people achieve their health goals – all by addressing the root cause of their health concerns.

While I have helped patients with a range of conditions, my clinical focus is on Women’s Health, Hormones, and Fertility. 

Thank you for reading my story and I look forward to meeting you.

Professional Biography:

Dr. Sara Celik is a Canadian licensed Naturopathic Doctor with 15+ years of experience serving patients in Ontario. She graduated from Western University in 2000 with a Bachelor of Health Sciences degree. She later pursued her education at The Canadian College of Naturopathic Medicine and graduated in 2005.

Dr. Sara is a sought-after speaker in the health and wellness industry.

She is a leading educator and media health expert appearing on multiple radio shows/podcasts, the W Network, Breakfast Television and CP24.

For almost 5 years, she was the Spokesperson for North America’s #1 digestive care company, educating across the globe on gut health, women’s health, and detoxification. Dr. Sara frequently contributes to large publications and has been published in Best Health Magazine, Canadian Living, The Globe and Mail, National Post, Grocery Business, Chatelaine, and ELLE Canada.

She offers Personalized Healthcare with a focus on Women’s Health and Fertility.

Her approach to healthcare is not as easy as taking a pill. The “quick-fix” approach is not one she subscribes to. While there’s a pill for just about everything, in most cases, these pills merely mask symptoms. Her patients are actively involved in their care and understand that lifestyle changes are a necessary part of their treatment plan.