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Masculine and Feminine Energy in Relationships

I recently read an interesting book by Dr. Patricia Allen called Getting To “I Do” where she talks about masculine and feminine energy in relationships.

Allen provides an explanation for relationships failing. She suggests that men and women far too often choose partners with the ‘wrong’ type of energy.

If you’re looking for a satisfying and fulfilling relationship, you must first identify whether you’re masculine or feminine energy.

Once you are clear on your energy, she suggests finding a partner that complements yours.

If you consider yourself a feminine energy female, you need a masculine energy male.

And, if you are a masculine energy female, Allen recommends finding a feminine energy male?

Confused? Join the club.

How in the world can there be just one type of energy in relationships?

I know so many men and women who are both masculine and feminine energy.

But, wait a second. Most of them are still single.

So, as I continued reading Allen’s Getting To “I Do”Secrets to Doing Relationships Right, her theory started to make more sense.

Could this be the reason why so many couples clash and find themselves in unhealthy, unfulfilling relationships?

Let’s start with Allen’s definition of masculine energy.

Is she referring to bringing home the bacon and traditional male roles?

Not at all.

Her definition of masculine energy characteristics includes: giving, generosity, protective, initiating, leading, active partner, who elicits surrender, receptivity, and bonding from his partner.

A masculine energy male knows what he wants, calls the shots, and will jump in front of any danger to protect his family.

They like challenges – it’s all about the chase for them.

Allen states that this type of man is compatible with a woman who enjoys receiving, is open about her feelings, and is comfortable following her man’s lead.

A feminine energy female never out-do’s what he does for her. She joyously receives and this is what he loves about her.

Allen asks masculine men at her seminars to recite this, “I promise to cherish the women, kids, and animals in my life, even when they are irrational, irritating, and totally illogical.”

She explains to these men that the feminine energy partners they are attracted to need to have their feelings cherished.

As much as these men need to feel respected, their lady needs to feel understood and special.

Feminine energy females wait to be chased, and do not ask for more love, time, affection, or sex from their man. These women openly talk about their feelings with their masculine energy partner, knowing that he will nurture and cherish her feelings.

Allen reiterates that these relationships can be very successful as opposed to both partners having the same energy qualities.

So what about masculine energy females?

What type of men should they date?

You guessed right!

Allen explains that these women do best with feminine energy males, who like to make love, build families, and play.

Masculine energy females enjoy making money and having status.

They seek out men who are supportive of their goals, their aspirations, and their career. They find balance in these men and enjoy the lightness that they often bring to the relationship.

Feminine energy males are comfortable with their partner being the primary breadwinner, and they respect her decisions about money, career, and direction.

If their lady is out of town on business, or needs to move thousands of miles away for work, they will have no problem following.

A feminine energy male loves to make his woman smile and adds fun to their relationship.

He is supportive of her talents and skills, and is available to his masculine energy female physically, mentally, and emotionally.

This reminds me of a wedding that I attended last winter – the bride wrapped up her speech with “baby, thank you for always supporting me with my career, bringing fun into our relationship, and letting me manage our money.”

They’ve put into practice Dr. Patricia Allen’s theory and are one of the happiest couples that I know.

If you would like to delve deeper into these concepts or identify your love energy, pick up her book and complete the quiz on page 64.

Thank you for posting your comments below and remember, I didn’t come up with this theory…I’m just the messenger.


Dr. Sara Celik
Dr. Sara Celik is a Canadian licensed Naturopathic Doctor with 15+ years of experience serving patients in Ontario. She is a sought-after speaker and passionate leader in the Health & Wellness industry carrying a wealth of experience in the field of women's health and fertility.

Dr. Sara has appeared on multiple radio shows/podcasts, the W Network, Breakfast Television and CP24. For almost 5 years, she worked as the National Spokesperson for a well-known digestive wellness brand, educating across the globe on gut health. Dr. Sara has been named a rising star in Canada receiving the Generation Next award for her outstanding contribution to shaping the future of Canada’s grocery industry. She frequently contributes to large publications and has been published in Best Health Magazine, The Globe and Mail, Sweat Equity, Grocery Business, Inside Fitness, Canadian Living, Elevate, HELLO, and ELLE Canada.

Dr. Sara’s approach to healthcare is not as easy as taking a pill. The “quick-fix” approach is not one she subscribes to. While there’s a pill for just about everything, rarely do prescription drugs stop the course of disease - they merely mask symptoms. Dr. Sara believes true health requires a commitment from both the doctor and the patient.

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